Friday, December 12, 2008

About Us

Save the Congo is a non-profit student led advocacy platform campaigning and promoting the restoration of peace, security, justice and human dignity in the Congo

Our Objective…
Our supreme objective is to lobby and bring together humanitarian organisations; human rights defenders; student groups; environmental advocate, wild life defenders; MPs; Journalists; actors; artists; religious organizations and the good willed people of the world to campaign and promote the restoration of Peace, Security, Justice and Human Dignity in the Congo
What We Do…
  • Highlight the scale, effect and implications of the wars, sexual atrocities and humanitarian crisis engulfing the Congo
  • Recruit, Empower and Mobilise students and the good people of the World to use their influence, rights and resources to campaign and promote the restoration of Peace and Security in the Congo
Give your time…
Join our team of volunteers to brainstorm solutions to organizational problems such as spreading the word, fundraising and reaching out or forging links with student groups and human rights defenders.

Your expertise or resources can actually help push the work of Save the Congo forward. Give your connections…
Your connections – it be with your pastor, artist, manager MP or Student Union can help immensely to break the silence
Below are few ways others are helping to campaign for Congo:
  • Screen a documentary about the Congo in your school, college, universities, community hall or church (we would provide you the material, all necessary assistance and we’d send one of our volunteer to support you)
  • Ask your college, university or union to pass a Motion on the wars and sexual atrocities engulfing the Congo
  • Write to your MP and MEP
  • Organize an event, i.e. 5K, Tournament, Dinner, Living room Meeting, and Concert etc.

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