Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Why Congo Matters?

Congo represents the promise of Africa as much as its misery. She matters because:
  • Over 6 Million have been killed since 1998, bloods still running like water yet the troubles rarely make daily headlines and the country is often low on major aid donors’ list of place to help
  • The use of children, some as young as 9, as soldiers, porters, domestic servant and sexual slaves by armed groups are all too common
  • 1,250 Congolese die every day because of war-related causes - the vast majority succumbing to diseases and malnutrition that wouldn't exist in peaceful times
  • In-spite of peace-deals, elections and 17 000 strong UN force, mass execution, war crimes, child-abduction, arbitrary arrests, orchestrated campaigns of gang-rapes, sexual mutilation and mass human rights violations are all too common
  • Around 3 Million are internally displaced; some of which have been displaced since 1998 and re-displaced over and over
  • Women and young girls have been systematically target and gang raped on blood chilling scale unmatched in recent history
  • Eastern Congo has been transformed into what can only be termed as concentration camps – nothing but gang rapes, ethnic motivated persecutions, summary executions, famines and mass human rights violations

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